Revolution Aircraft Services

Wheel & Brake Group

Specializes in the re-distribution of aircraft wheels and brakes to the commercial, regional and business jet market. With over 25 years experience in the wheel and brake industry, our network allows us 24/7 international access to wheels and brakes for most aircraft.

Asset Management Group

From contract purchasing, consignment services to maintenance, R.A.S.’s asset management group will solicit advice, supervise and effectively communicate with all parties to manage your material effectively. Our reputation in managing aircraft, engines and supporting spares provides our customers with value, performance and reliability.

Engine Support Group

Revolution Aircraft Services’ comprehensive knowledge of Pratt & Whitney, General Electric, CFMI and Rolls-Royce engines enable us to develop multiple solutions for your industries needs. Our portfolio is stocked with new, serviceable and as removed parts for support. We also have the capability to repair and/ or exchange units. Revolution Aircraft Services’ engine support group is centered on providing our customers with the highest quality engines in the most convenient and efficient manner possible to help reduce their overall aircraft operating costs.

Quality Assurance Group

Revolution Aircraft Services’ quality assurance group guarantees products with the highest F.A.A. standards and requirements. Our highly trained staff physically inspects all merchandise and comprehensively analyzes all traceability for accuracy.We will provide traceability, photographs and boroscope documentation upon request.

Jason Rayman

Jason has been in the aviation industry for two decades. His passion for the aviation industry began in 1992, when Jason obtained his pilot license with multi engine rating. He was fortunate enough to get involved with the family business, Aviation Systems International, at an early age. Jason learned every aspect of the business from quality assurance, inventory management to sales and marketing. Prior to Revolution Aircraft Services, he was the co-founder of Gas Turbines International, a leader in procuring industrial engines. Please contact Jason at

Richard Brown

Richard has been in the aviation industry for 25 years. He started in the wheel and brake industry in 1988 working for Aviall Wheel and Brake Services, one of the most up and coming wheel and brake facilities at the time. Richard was trained in multiple areas of aviation. From wheel and brake maintenance and overhaul management, sales and marketing, inventory appraisal; ultimately becoming a facility manager for one of the world’s largest aircraft parts distributors. Richard has worked closely with major airlines, regional airlines and corporate operators. Richard was sought after by the industry to set up and relocate several wheel and brake 145 repair stations. In 2007, Richard left Aviall Wheel and Brake Services to join Jason Rayman to form an aftermarket aircraft parts supplier located in Delray Beach, Florida called Revolution Aircraft Services. Revolution Aircraft Services has built a reputation that many airlines, suppliers and repair stations have learned to trust and depend on. Please contact Rich at